Body Worlds Vital at Ky Science Center Review

My kiddos and I (along with my sister and her kids) went to the Body Worlds Vital exhibit and the Human Body IMAX movie at Kentucky Science Center this week.  I found it quite interesting, but not worth the price.  However, I do freely admit that I am very tight with my money.  My children weren’t really impressed, they are only 7 & 4.  While she did ask questions and actually look at the bodies, the 7 year old was rather unimpressed.  The 4 year old left before we were done to go play. 

The movie was a bit ‘old’ for the kids as well.  I knew the 4 year old would be lost, but thought he might actually learn something.  Instead he hid from the screen and fell asleep in the seat.  I grew a bit concerned when the movie began discussing puberty (a glossed over few minutes) and that sperm fertilizes the egg to make a baby.  Thankfully no mention was made as to how the sperm gets to the egg or where it came from.

What would have made the exhibit better is if they had ‘experts’ walking around to give information instead of having to read the sign for each one.  My daughter still had questions I could not answer and it would have been nice to have someone (with a clue about the human body) talk us through what we were seeing.

The bodies are real.  The males …um,… look like males.  I was informed at each male that, “This one’s a boy.”