I thought Halloween was a kids’ holiday!?!

What happened to the days of rummaging through closets and dress-up clothes to determine what you were going to be for Halloween?  I have become increasingly aware of costumes following the trend of other clothes styles.  That’s the nicest I can put it.  What I really mean is that Adults, Teens and even Kids costumes are getting so revealing that I’m embarrassed for them!  My daughter is 7 and after attending a recent Halloween party I’m going to have to explain the word ‘sexy’ and discuss some of the ADULTS costumes.  I’ll admit I’m on the conservative side on clothing issues (and many others), but fish-net stockings with miniskirts or daisy dukes do not belong around children!

It just really saddens me when I see a mom dress inappropriately (by my strict standards) and see her daughter start to follow suit.

By myreallyreallife Posted in Recipes

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