I thought Halloween was a kids’ holiday!?!

What happened to the days of rummaging through closets and dress-up clothes to determine what you were going to be for Halloween?  I have become increasingly aware of costumes following the trend of other clothes styles.  That’s the nicest I can put it.  What I really mean is that Adults, Teens and even Kids costumes are getting so revealing that I’m embarrassed for them!  My daughter is 7 and after attending a recent Halloween party I’m going to have to explain the word ‘sexy’ and discuss some of the ADULTS costumes.  I’ll admit I’m on the conservative side on clothing issues (and many others), but fish-net stockings with miniskirts or daisy dukes do not belong around children!

It just really saddens me when I see a mom dress inappropriately (by my strict standards) and see her daughter start to follow suit.

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Foster License – Step 6

RAPT III class completed!  The day didn’t start out so well.  Hubby told the sitter to be at our house at 8:30am.  Sitter showed up just under 10 minutes late.  Unfortunately it takes a little over 30 minutes to get there and the class was set to start at 9am.  We made good time getting there as it was a Saturday and not much traffic.  However once we got the building all the doors were locked.  Hubby rang the buzzer, knocked on the window and we even turned the light switch on and off several times.  Finally an employee happened by and let us into the building.

The class itself went well.  It went over some more of the basic information that is required of a Foster Family.  Most of the other attendees were there to get license to help a family member and many were eager to share their story.  Because of this, the class ran a little long, but not too bad.

We were not given any further instructions, so I think all that remains for us to do is complete the pile of paperwork and additional activities.

Why are homeschoolers not allowed to have a bad day?

I need to vent here today.  Why is it that a homeschooling parent or SAHM is not allowed to have a bad day?  Maybe I’m alone in this, but there have been many days over the last 7 years where my bad day has only been made worse by people who just don’t get it.

When someone who works outside the home says they’ve had a bad day, no one thinks twice about it.  No one tells them to quit their job.  Many even give them a little break and try to be extra nice to them.  We may even offer to listen while they vent about their rough day.

But if a SAHM or a homeschooling parent says the same thing, people ask why they do it or suggest you send your kid to public school.  Some even go a step farther and wonder aloud how ‘just staying home’ could be all that bad.

I am happy with my choice to be a SAHM and to home school my kiddos.  That does not mean that every day will be wonderful.  Like everyone else, we sometimes have a bad day and just want to vent a little.

Rest, Relaxation and Restoration

I was blessed this past weekend to be included in a retreat with some homeschooling mommies.  The retreat was located in Martinsville, IN at Shepherds Gate Inn (I’ve listed a link below).  Since hubby and kids were going to be in the same area that weekend it made the decision to participate an easy one.

When I first arrived, my nerves threatened to take over.  I’m not good at doing new things or meeting new people.  This retreat would entail both.  Some of the ladies I already knew, but others I did not.  As a ‘baby Christian’, I was nervous about looking foolish in front of these Godly women.

All of the wonderful women made me feel at ease as part of the group.  None of them gave even the slightest hint of judgement of me or my journey as a Christian, just the opposite was true.  They all strove to help me.  The staff at Shepherd’s Gate Inn were delightfully welcoming.  I quickly began to relax and enjoy just being in the moment.

As is expected when a group of women get together, there was a lot of talking, a little crafting, but mostly our time was spent working on our relationship with the Lord.  I learned a lot about myself and my relationships, both with my family and with God.  As trite as it sounds, I truly feel changed by this awesome weekend.

If you are a Christian and seek to deepen your relationship with God, I urge you to look into spending some time at Shepherd’s Gate Inn.  You will not regret it.  If you’re not able to get to them, I ask that you pray for their wonderful ministry so others can benefit from what they offer.


Foster License – Step 5

Shortly after attending the RAPT 1 class, I received an email providing me with a link and directions on how to sign up for the RAPT 2, online course.  It’s completely online and can be paused or stopped as needed.  Throughout the day yesterday I worked on getting the course finished, and succeeded.  However, the certificate can not be issued and training hours logged until we have both completed the online hours.

Also in the above mentioned email, was a link to schedule the RAPT 3 class.  We are set to take this one in about a week and a half.  There are only two classes each month, so we were stuck with when they had one available.