Foster License – Step 3

This step will be drawn out a bit, so I’ll have to update you as it progresses by leaving a comment.

I went through the packet of documents and ‘extra’ activities required list that was given to us at the initial home visit and made a spreadsheet.  As I completed and scanned/emailed the document to the manager, I documented it on my sheet.  This serves two purposes.  One I will know what we have and have not completed and two I can make sure that the manager and I stay on the same page (I sent her the spreadsheet with my notes too). I’m not sure if she found it helpful or insulting.  LOL

Some items were pretty easy to gather and send it (ie car registrations and insurance), others we’re still working on.  All the quick easy items are sent in and confirmed that she has them.  The more extensive items are a work in progress.

I’ve had a few more items ready for a few weeks, but my scanner won’t work because I ran out of ink.  Hubby bought more ink, so I should be able to get those in to her in the next few days.  Should being the key word there!


5 comments on “Foster License – Step 3

  1. Last week I sent in a few more pages we were able to fill out. I also completed the fingerprinting. Yesterday I sent in an online source showing we’re married. Still waiting to hear back if it’ll be enough or if I need the actual certificate from court house.
    I now have a crib and two car seats.

  2. According to my spreadsheet we still need the following: Medical form for each member of the family, my CPR certification, Hubby fingerprinting, Hubby’s family inventory form, Hubby to complete two online classes, Hubby to sign bank form (just got completed today), and a fire extenguisher downstairs.

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