Foster License – Step 2

See Foster License – Part 1

Once the papers provided at the information meeting, which include a general application and background check forms, to the assigned manager, the process has officially begun!  In our case, it took about 3 weeks to get a call saying that our background checks were successful and to schedule an initial home visit (not to be confused with a home study).

Since both spouses are required at the initial home visit, we scheduled our visit for an evening.  Our assigned manager came to our home for the visit.  She was reassuring that the initial visit was just to give us (and them) a general idea of the conditions the foster child(ren) would be living in.  They have requirements on the amount of space each child in foster care receives in a foster home.  We walked through our home looking at every room.  She made notes and comments (such as the need for medicine to be stored higher, each child needs their own bed, etc) as we went.

She asked us a few general questions and provided us with a packet of additional documentation to complete.  Within these papers were instructions on getting fingerprinted, CPR certified, and a few other ‘extra’ tasks we’d need to complete for licensing.  Just before she left we agreed on which of the available level 1 classes we’d like to sign up for and attend.

The level 1 class was scheduled for 3 hours and both of us had to attend this as well.


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