Foster License – Step 1

To initiate the process of obtaining your foster license in the state of IN you must first attend an information meeting.  This meeting lasts for about an hour and is rather informal.  They provide you with some broad ideas of what fostering is and is not.  You receive a few forms to fill out and are assigned your contact with their office.

In my own opinion, the information meeting is merely required to weed out people who think being a foster parent would be easy or wanting to do it just for the money.  While fostering does pay, it’s not a lot.  The staff also makes it very clear that potential foster families need to be stable (including having a little money left over at the end of the month).  I believe it’s important to also mention that only one adult in your household needs to go to the meeting; however all adults are required to complete forms which can then be faxed/emailed/mailed to the manager.

Once the papers provided at the information meeting, which include a general application and background check forms, to the assigned manager, the process has officially begun!  In our case, it took about 3 weeks to get a call saying that our background checks were successful and to schedule an initial home visit (not to be confused with a home study).


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